NEW World Championship Vacated

Jesse Styles has been less than impressed with Father Nathan since his crushing defeat to Damage at Lights Out 1. Since then Father Nathan has been missing in action and tonight Jesse Styles finally acted, stripping Father Nathan off the title and setting up a match to crown a more worthy champion on the next Ignite.Continue Reading

Father Nathan RIP?

The shock of the first Lights Out show was undoubtedly the crushing defeat of NEW World Champion Father Nathan at the hands of debutant Damage. TweetContinue Reading

Inkt Sneaks Through The Backdoor?

The biggest talking point about yesterday’s draft were not the number one or number two picks but the shock return of Inkt who was a shock draft to Ignite. Inkt has not been seen in NEW for quite some time and it is not yet known whether his return is permanent. What is know howeverContinue Reading

NEW Draft Takes Place

On a live Edge of Radio Show hosted by Clark Benson, Jesse Styles and Kronin made their draft picks. Throughout the night Kronin tended to pick those he knew personally and went straight to business by picking NEW World Champion Father Nathan and in a bold move his number two pick was Father Nathan’s rivalContinue Reading

Looking Back: The Last Draft

With talk of NEW’s upcoming draft we take a look back at the last draft, which took place on September 9th 2011.  TweetContinue Reading


Live From Madison Square Garden, New York City
Tuesday, May 19th 2015


Cow Palace, San Francisco
Saturday, May 23rd 2015